How to write a guide

The OMERO guide is hosted on readthedocs. This section describes on to create a new guide.

To create a new guide:
  • Create a new repository on GitHub using the template guide.

  • Add the new repository as a new project on readthedocs.

  • Add the new project as a subproject of omero-guides using an alias e.g. omero-guide-figure has been added as figure,

  • Add the new repository to the omero-guides repository as a submodule using the same alias.

  • Insert the guide into one of the existing files or in a new file if it is a new section.

  • If you intend that the new repository contains a binder folder to generate an environment for analysis, create two new YAML workflow files from the templates binder_badge.yml and repo2docker.yml , then place these new files to .github/workflows.