Install the OMERO.matlab toolbox

In this section, we show how to install the OMERO.matlab toolbox toolbox


  • Download the toolbox.

  • Make sure that the OMERO.matlab toolbox is on the MATLAB path. To add it to the path, you can

    • Launch MATLAB.

    • Under the HOME tab, click on Set Path (middle of the top task bar).

    • A Set Path dialog pops up.

    • Click on the button Add with Subfolders…

    • Select the OMERO.matlab toolbox, Click Open.

    • Close the Set Path dialog, you can either save the path for future use or not.

It is also recommended to install the Image Processing toolbox is only necessary for the image analysis. This is a convenient toolbox for analysis purpose. You do not need to install that toolbox to integrate OMERO and MATLAB.